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One down, one to go

Alexander County is one step closer to starting the buyout process it began almost two years ago. During the July 16 County Board meeting, Alexander County Engineer Jeff Denny announced he had received a granting agreement from...

Meridian still fighting mold problem

Meridian School District got more bad news last week when the Illinois Department of Labor confirmed that there are dangerous levels of mold in the district’s elementary school. During a special meeting July 8, Meridian Schoo...

Southern Ill. to get 911 update

Southern Illinois Next Generation 911 project nears completion When the Counties of Southern Illinois organization power up their new, Next Generation 911 system for testing next month, they will be one step closer to completin...

State rep. fired up to help Meridian mold problem

State representative Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) is standing strong with Meridian School District. Phelps attended an informational meeting June 25 at Meridian High School regarding the districts mold problem. He said he was ...

Meridian to manage Mold

The situation for Meridian School District went from bad, to worse. What started last month as an alarming budgetary issue where projected state funding cuts forced the District to eliminate electives from the high school has n...


Minor flooding fills streets in Cairo

Because of heavy rains, parts of Cairo flooded June 1.


Keeping kids safe

Members of regional Masonic Lodges went to Cairo Head Start April 8 to put together emergency packets for the program’s students.


Search still on for missing Cairo woman

It has been a long five days for the Pearman family. In the early evening  March 28 Donna Pearman and her daughter Shelly Pearman filled a missing persons report for Sandra Farris, Donna’s sister and Shelly’s aunt. Donna s...


Buyout offers still months away

Thirty-one years since he built his home, Clinton Pecord is not sure he is ready to leave it. Pecord, a lifelong resident of Cache and no stranger to floodwater, built his house in 1982 where he and his wife Susan live only a f...


The Week in Photos: March 21, 2013

The visual report from the week of March 21, 2013.