Bosecker returns as Cairo Police Chief

Chief of Police John Bosecker
Chief of Police John Bosecker

John Bosecker was appointed as Chief of Police for the city of Cairo last week.
Bosecker returns to the post he held for 16 months about six years ago.
“I’ve learned a lot since I was here last,” said Bosecker.
“My main goal, right now, is community policing and police presence. We want to teach the public that we are there for them and trying to make it a safer place. Police presence is a deterrent and we can learn from the residents how we can better serve them – how Cairo can better serve them.”
Bosecker started police work in 1999 and has been his career ever since.
He also has over 10 years in the National Guard and Army Reserve, starting in artillery in the Guard and moving to Military Police in the Reserves.
According to Bosecker, the public can expect the policies and personnel to remain mostly unchanged.
“The policies are pretty good,” he said. “It’s enforcement. Expect to definitely see increased enforcement and special duties assigned to officers.”
“The public expects protection and that is what we are going to give them.”