Cairo City Council Meeting: March 13, 2014

The Cairo City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday. After approving the agenda Mayor Tyrone Coleman commended the street department, Cairo Police and Fire Department, and other personnel on the honoring of former council member Linda Jackson and her family.

Coleman stated that at the time one application for an animal control volunteer has been recieved by the city. The Council also discussed the possibility of having a waiver drawn up by the city attorney to protect Cairo from insurance claims.

Coleman also thanked Cairo Public Utility for their ongoing work installing new street lights throughout town.

“I have to thank the workers and the company for making this a reality,” said Coleman.  “We’ve been talking about this project for around two years now and now that the project is moving along its some really nice progress.”

The City Council was also informed of a fundraiser being held by the Pyramid Chess Club on Friday, March 14, 2102 Poplar Street in Cairo.  The chess club is offering a chicken dinner as a means to pay for upcoming travel to tournaments.

During public comments Larry Klein of Cairo Public Utility asked about any ongoing developments on the company’s plot of land on the west side of Cairo.

“We gave the city $57,000 for a new fire truck  18 months ago and we haven’t really heard of anything since,” said Klein.

The minutes of the February 25 meeting were approved as well as the payroll ending March 3, 2014 and the bill list through February 21, 2014.

A motion to approve Ordinance number 2014-628, amending the Cairo City Code and moving the sewer department from the Commissioner of Demolitions, Sewer and Economic Development to the Commissioner of Streets, Public Improvements, Pumps, and Levees was passed.

The members of the council also voted to keep the Cairo Fire Department open at least five years into the future.  Thomas Simpson and Richard Pitcher voted against the measure.

“We’re having problems staying afloat as it is,” said Simpson. “I don’t know how we can make a decision like that without the right information on hand.”

A motion to enter in to executive session was then approved to talk about real estate and contracts.