Film finds home in Southern Illinois

7a_movie_web_SMDig Two Graves director Hunter Adams, right, directs cast and crew on set Jan. 29 at the Grand Chain Alternative Center in Grand Chain, Ill.  Adams filmed most of his movie in the Southern Illinois region, using several locations in Alexander and Pulaski Counties.

Philip Plowden, associate producer and location manager for the film, said shooting on location in the area gave the film a bit of authenticity.

“We are shooting in the 1940’s and the 1970’s in the story, so it’s important that we find places that have been around for a while,” Plowden said.

Plowden said Adams was told about locations in Southern Illinois by Betsy Steinberg, managing director of the Illinois Film Office and when Adams visited the region, he was shown specific locations from area locals Tony Gerard and Jon Musgrave. Steinberg said it is a benefit to the state for projects such as Dig Two Graves to be filmed on location, in the state.

“We are grateful to have movies bringing economic development and higher visibility to our state,” Steinberg said.

Plowden said they are hoping for a release date later this year and intend on having a screening in Southern Illinois. — Photo by Steve Matzker

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  1. This is AWESOME for our area! He brought forth great opportunities! My husband and I were one of the MANY extras in this film. Thank you all!

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