Council misses second meeting

The Cairo City Council did not meet for the entire month of January.

For both meetings scheduled in the month of Jan., the Council could not meet quorum, the legal minimum number of members in attendance required to hold a public meeting. Both Elbert Purchase and Thomas Simpson failed to attend either the Jan. 22 meeting or the Jan. 8 meeting.

While there still would have been four members in attendance, Councilwoman Linda Jackson would have participated via telephone, which Lorrie Hesselrode, Cairo City Clerk, said does not allow her to be counted in the quorum.

“Under the open meeting acts law you can only count who is physically there towards your quorum,” Hesselrode said. “She can vote and do everything else … but she cannot be counted toward the quorum.”

Still on the agenda for the Jan. 22 meeting was an item tabled for discussion Dec. 31. The Council is scheduled to vote during its next meeting on the matter of amending the City Code regarding unfit dwellings and condemned demolitions. The amendment would shorten the period of time those served with a condemnation notice have to seek a court appeal as well as closes loopholes that allowed property owners to do bare minimum repairs on a property to remove it from the condemned list. The amendment would also bring the City Code up to date with state statutes.

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One thought on “Council misses second meeting”

  1. Why are they still on the council if they can’t attend a meeting. Sounds to me like some of these council members need to be replaced. Ineffective leadership is worse than bad leadership. At least bad leadership is trying to lead, ineffective leadership only goes which way the wind (money) blows. I say the people need to take a stand and vote them out next election pull the attendance record and if they haven’t been at 90% of the meetings get rid of them. I bet they don’t miss the card parties or barbeques.

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