American News: November 1, 2012

by Sharon Fulcher
If you are a lover of the beauty of fall your outing is getting to be pretty short as on Monday, Oct. 22, the colored leaves were falling fast on the roadway.

The St. Louis Cardinals didn’t make the World Series this year, as the San Francisco Giants played the game focused and hard. Their pitcher, offense and defense should make them the winner of the World Series for 2012.

My crabapple jelly turned out tasteless. I can’t taste the cinnamon.

The Mississippi River seems more doable in the 10 foot range to me. So I keep thinking one day soon a black purse for winter will be setting on the shelf. I’ve checked every store and it looks like each store got some of the same batch suitable for younger girls.

Congratulations goes out to the Sandy Brown family in Champaign who was able to get a well insulated APT house. It can get really cold in Champaign and we are happy for you nurse Sandy. Enjoy!

Birthdays for November: 2nd, 2002 killing frost, Roberta Kessler, Hannah Kempker; 3rd, Jaylen Scott Althoff; 4th, Kayla Renee Kobel, Janet Sue Paulus; 5th, Al Hileman, Pastor John Rogers; 8th, 65th anniversary of Al and Jean Hileman; 11th, 2011 killing frost; 12th, Helen McDonald; 13th, William Nicholson, Debbie Spomer, Jami Eatmon; 14th, Brian Villeneuve; 21st, Linda Swoboda; 25th, Buddy Mahoney; 26th, Daniel Barker; 27th, April Tribout; 28th, Michael Riley; 30th, Winnie Voss.
On Friday, Oct. 26, the farm report which could come from Champaign gave today’s pump price at $3.15 a gallon while Cape is showing $3.37. Hurricane Sandy could  hit the East Coast where crude is changed to gasoline and mess up the falling prices. That is not a good thing.

A big thank you to the Hwy. 37 mower who cut the johnson grass that went to seed! Now I can see to Russia. Ha.

I guess my candidate was short on signs as I had it about six weeks and somebody parked in my driveway and took it. I considered it a keeper come win or lose.

And the winner is? Saturday, Oct. 27, going through Olive Branch, I’m wondering why all the parked cars at this senior building and across the highway too? That was the biggest gathering I’ve ever seen in Olive Branch. So where were all those people? There were none going to and from. I did see the Shawnee bike riders. The Halloween display of the year award from me was “The Attached Ghost Ring” in the yard at Bernadine and Charles Roberts house plus alot of back ground decorations from their home. How cute and original.

Again, I don’t know why gas in Cape was $3.39 when other towns was cheaper. I got a report that Kentucky was $3.27.

Now for Church of Redeemer and Immanuel Lutheran.

Our showers of blessings was Whitney Althoff brought his daughter Jalen Scott Althoff for her 4th birthday. Jalen is now a little lady!

The first reading was read by Kitty Harmon from Jeremiah 31:7-9, Psalm 126, was read by Whitney Althoff, second reading from Hebrews 7:23-28 ready by Inez Donnigan and the gospel given by Fr. Harmon from Mark 10:46-52 as well as the sermon. Fr. Harmon served holy Eucharist as well.

The prayer list is Pastor Rogers, Marcena Berbling, Marie and Butch McRoy, Helen Winkler, Albert and George Lampe, Cathie Cardwell, John Lawrence, Mary Ann Bagby, Frances Lorance, Janet and Billy Ranks, Bernadine and Charles Roberts, Alcey Beggs, Stephen Spomer, Lisa Krasnoff family, George and Kay Johnson, Gino Stavola, Danny Allen and mother, and Bobby Gibson.